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We all wish we could let our money grow without any effort. “Let our money work for us” as Robert Kiyosaki told us, which therefore generates passive income. Unfortunately, the majority of people prefer to leave their hard-earned money in a savings account at the bank. It is true that this method remains the “safest” but the interest that you can hope to receive remains, despite everything, minimal. I would even say negative in view of inflation. That’s where can be helpful.

Passive income: The savings account?

As of today, in Belgium, the interest rates that one can expect to receive on a savings account are around 0.01% per year + 0.10% as a loyalty bonus if we leave our funds for more than twelve months. In France, the rates seem to be in the same order of magnitude. This does not seem to be the best option.

Savings account problems

It is obvious that the rates are extremely low, and that it is not via this instrument that you risk becoming rich. However, there is a second problem much more serious than the first, namely inflation. In 2018, Belgium’s inflation rate in 2018 was 2.34%. This means that over the course of a year you lose 2.34% of your purchasing power.

For example, if you had 100 € in your account, at the end of the year, these would only be worth more than 97.66 € since the prices, in general, will have increased by 2.34%.

Your purchasing power decreases from year to year. It is, therefore, crucial to manage to grow your money, at least, as much as inflation to maintain your purchasing power. So, comparing the 2.34% inflation to the 0.11% savings yields, the disproportion should alert more than one. Those who remain convinced that keeping their money in the bank is safest should realize that they are continually “losing” money by leaving it there.

Solution :

One possible solution is to invest your money, whether in stocks, bonds, real estate, etc. However, these investments all have advantages and disadvantages but are, in theory, all more “risky” than the savings account. It is moreover to justify this risk that the expected returns on these instruments are higher. However, with the advent of the Blockchain and Bitcoin, a series of other possibilities have emerged, including which interests us in this article.

The platform

Presentation can be likened to a new generation bank, a bank responding more to the current era but despite everything not including all the functionalities of a bank. The idea of ​​this bank is to be able to have a line of credit on the basis of the crypto-currencies that you place as collateral. So you can keep your bitcoin and other crypto-currencies while benefiting from a line of credit, all instantly. If you believe in the future of Bitcoin you might prefer to keep your crypto-currencies rather than to spend them. This platform, therefore, allows you to keep the upside potential of the asset.

Another functionality of the platform and the one I use is the generation of interest on the basis of either, your euro or dollar currencies directly, or of what is called stablecoins (USDC, USDT, DAI, …) . These are cryptocurrencies whose value is directly linked to that of Dollars (1 USDC = 1 USD). Thus, this second functionality acts in a way like a bank savings account but with much more attractive interest rates. 

In terms of numbers, is: - numbers

The advantages of Nexo

High interest rate

The interest offered on this is 8%. Can you imagine being able to obtain 8% on your savings account, in a safe and continuous way? The interest offered on this platform would therefore allow you to beat inflation as explained above and even to earn money.

Compound interest

Unlike traditional savings accounts on which you earn interest annually, on the platform, you earn interest calculated daily. This daily distribution allows you to get the most out of compound interest. Thus, an annual interest rate of 8% allows you to generate interest of 0.022% per day, almost as much as what a savings account earns you per year. In addition, each day this interest will be paid and will increase the capital on the basis of which the interest for the next day will be calculated.

For example, a capital of 10,000 USD would bring you close to 2.19 USD per day and therefore 880.72 USD annually. While it may not seem like a big deal imagine the exponential gain it can add in the long run with regular investment.

Imagine having this kind of interest Daily :


First, regarding regulatory compliance, uses Onfido which allows it to comply with KYC (Know Your Customer) and AML (Anti Money Laundering Law) international compliance standards. Onfido is a very well recognized company as approved by Coinbase, Revolut, HSBC, Nationwide, TransferWise and Bittrex.

Another security measure, has partnered with Bitgo which allows it to secure all crypto-assets. The latter is also insured with Lloyd’s, supported by Goldman Sachs.

In addition, the platform is fully automated, all with one of the best security through its 256-bit military encryption system.

Finally, the activity is regularly audited by one of the largest audit firms in the world, namely Deloitte.

If you want to know more about security, I invite you to consult this link.

Company leaders

Another important element in the benefits of this platform is the experience of the leaders of the company. “ is led by a leading FinTech group serving millions of people across Europe for over 10 years, while being strictly overseen by several European banks and financial services regulators.” ( All while surrounding himself with advisers among industry experts such as the founders of TechCrunch and Polymath.

Personal experience

For my part, I first started by putting € 1,000 in my account (it is currently not possible to make smaller transfers). Once the platform receives your money, it is automatically converted into EURx which corresponds to a so-called “stable” cryptocurrency because its price is linked to that of the euro. In addition, the 1 for 1 EURx / Euros conversion is guaranteed, so you do not risk anything from this point of view.

The day after the deposit, I was able to receive my daily interest of 0.21 €. I gradually continued to add money until I had € 9,000 in this account (which is like a savings account where there is no entry / exit charge). Once this amount was deposited, the daily interest I received was € 1.90. And moreover over time, as you can see on the screenshot below, the compound interest has taken effect because the € 1.90 has become € 1.91. Compound interest

It is clear that this is not a significant amount, but this amount should be compared with the amount that your savings would have brought you. Which makes this amount much more relevant.

Update experience

I have been using this platform for over a year and I am simply delighted. The simplicity of the platform and the pleasure of seeing your money grow every day is awesome. I use as a savings / investment account, because in two days it is possible to withdraw your funds without any worries and very easily. I experienced it, I withdrew 2,000 euros from the platform. The money was in my account two days later.

However, I prefer to leave as much money as possible in the account in order to take full advantage of the compound interest. But it is good to know that when needed, this money is easily recoverable.

In addition, has added a new possibility which is that of receiving daily interest on the main crypto-currencies (Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc.) of 4% per year. I, who want to invest in Bitcoin for the long term, is a significant bonus that allows me to grow this capital differently.

Since then, also implemented the possibility of earning increased interests by agreeing to receive them in Nexo Token. Which gives me daily income like the following:


As a conclusion, you will understand, I am absolutely a fan of Also, as you know I’m a big fan of all passive income and clearly offers us that. In addition, has developed a very powerful application that allows you to watch your money grow every day which is still a real pleasure even with these small amounts.

Do not hesitate to tell me in the comments if you too have tested Nexo and what you think!




  1. 8% intrest on your fiat seems to good to be true. Whats the catch? And what would need to happen to make Nexo go bankrupt?

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