Feedback on after more than a year on the platform

It’s been a while since I joined the platform. I just went to check, it dates from August 2019. I thought hat after all this time, almost two years, it would be time to give feedback, an opinion on this platform.

Introduction to

As a reminder, is like a new generation bank. This is entirely linked to the cryptocurrency ecosystem and that is what makes it strong. mainly offers two features:

  • Earn interest on your cryptocurrencies: By placing your euros or other cryptocurrencies on, you will receive interest.
  • Borrowing money through your cryptocurrencies: The other possibility is to receive credit in the form of Euros or dollars, by placing your crypto currencies as collateral

I have already described the platform in a previous article which I invite you to consult if you are looking to learn more. Rather, the purpose of this article is to take stock of the situation.

Analysis of the situation after more than a year on

As I told you, it will be more than two years since I started using the platform. Nevertheless, since my beginnings, it has evolved considerably (and better, I can reassure you!). In the rest of this article, I’ll share my experience with you on different aspects of the platform I use.

Interest on euros or dollars, pounds,…

When it comes to euro interest (the same goes for USD, GBP, etc.), as I started, the advertised interest was around 8%. So that for every 1,000 euros put into the account, I earned 21 cents per day. So say it like that, it may not seem like much but I would compare this amount to what you hope to get in your savings account. By comparing this interest with the rates offered by “traditional” banks, it is 0.11% (at least in Belgium).

So if you invest 1,000 euros at this rate, you can expect to withdraw 1.1 € by the end of the year. Conversely, if you place these 1,000 euros on, in less than 6 days you will have the same result as if you had left this money for 1 year in your traditional savings account. Indeed, this same money placed on would allow you to generate nearly 80 euros in interest.

So I can hear what you’re going to tell me. “Yes, but a bank has a lot more security, etc.” But what security are we talking about? It’s all blown away, OK you’re not going to have less money than you put in your savings account. But leaving money at this rate is basically losing money to inflation. I don’t see how this is more secure? In addition, has put everything in place to ensure optimal security.

In addition, it should be understood that the interest begins to be calculated the day after the provision on the account. But the funds remain available at all times, these are not blocked funds, you can request a withdrawal and have your money the next day. I have tested it several times and have never had any problems.

Anyway, you will understand, I use as a savings account and I must admit that I am quite satisfied with the results. But they went further than that, which significantly changed the experience of the site and this is what we will see immediately with the evolution of‘s offering.

Interest on cryptocurrencies

Following the changes implemented by, these have also made it possible to generate interest on cryptocurrencies placed on the platform. Initial interest was lower than that generated via euros but still significant (5%)

I also heavily used this feature by repatriating a large part of my cryptocurrency to the platform. Indeed, I was already planning to keep these cryptocurrencies for the long term to benefit from the gains in value. Having the opportunity to increase this capital for free via interest is not to be overlooked and can have a huge impact in the long run.

In addition, it should be noted that this operation allows you to fully benefit from compound interest. Indeed, the interest received on euros as much as on cryptocurrencies is paid every day. Thus, the next day, the basis for calculating interest is that of the day before, plus any interest previously received. So the interest received will also increase over time.

Les intérêts payés en NEXO

One of the new features implemented by is the possibility of receiving interest in NEXO, the platform’s token. So you’re going to tell me “What’s the point?” Well, receiving interest in this form increases the interest rate received by 2%. Thus, it is no longer 5% that we receive on our cryptocurrencies but 7%!

An important point here is that suddenly you have two choices, you can either convert your interest each time into the desired currency. Or, if we believe in the platform, we can decide to keep them in NEXO by counting on the token’s value increase.

This is the choice I made. I decided to receive all of my interest in NEXO and never converted it. But it paid off. Tell yourself that when I first received my interest in the form of NEXO, it was worth around 0.20 euros. So I earned about 50 NEXO per day which represented 10 euros. But it must be said that afterwards the NEXO took a lot of value until it reached 3 euros each at a time. As a result, the interest I had previously received increased in value. So the 10 euros per day that I received was now worth 150 euros.

That’s the beauty of it, the interests themselves were able to gain in value which made the operation even more profitable than it already was. But it got even more interesting when the loyalty mechanism was announced.

“Loyalty” mechanism

I explained to you that choosing to receive his interest in the form of Nexo had paid off. But it was all the more so when this new feature appeared. decided to implement a system that would reward investors based on the percentage of NEXO they hold in their portfolios.

Interest rates would therefore be more advantageous as the proportion of NEXO in the portfolio increases. You now understand the additional interest of receiving interest in NEXO. In addition to the potential gains in value that the token can have, there is also the increase in interest rates received over time.

One of the downsides of this new system is that base interest rates have fallen from what could be obtained at the very beginning. But once you start to have enough NEXO in your wallet, the interest you can earn is quite good. Loyalty

Interest paid on staked amounts

Another novelty is the possibility of blocking money to receive higher interest on that amount. As I explained to you, the money put into your accounts is always available. You can request a withdrawal whenever you want and you will receive your money in the days that follow.

Now you also have the option of blocking funds, similar to term deposits. Obviously, blocking funds can be more of a hassle for some people. But be aware that by agreeing to block X euros for 3 months, you will receive 2% additional interest on this blocked part.

As much as we could consider the standard accounts as alternative bank accounts, here we can consider these “term deposits” as a little more advanced investment products.

Integrated exchange

One of the latest updates to has been the implementation of the integrated exchange directly into the application. As a result, you can exchange your euros for cryptocurrencies at any time and vice versa for free. In addition to being simply free, has implemented an algorithm in its exchanger. Indeed, the latter is connected to a multitude of trading platforms and will systematically seek to complete the transaction at the best price for the user. This eliminates the question of whether the price is better on Coinbase or Binance, the computer takes care of making the comparisons directly.

All this therefore allows instant and free transactions to be made, which greatly facilitates cryptocurrency investments. - meeting image

Affiliate links

As you may have observed, there are multiple links to (such as this one). Those are affiliate links which means that if you decide to register to Nexo and deposit 100$ we both earn 10$. Looks like a great deal for both of us !


You will understand, I am a big fan of the platform. I find that the platform, which was already very successful, keeps improving. In these new functionalities we note in particular the gains in NEXO and the blocked amounts. These two new features alone earn an additional 4% interest.

I consider to be a new generation bank and use it as such. You might be worried about security compared to a traditional bank but, as I have shown you, there is no reason. The safeguards in place are very important. Also, I remind you that leaving the money in an account that does not earn you anything instead makes you lose money because of inflation. The choice was therefore quickly made for me.

As a reminder, I am not a financial advisor, and my articles are therefore not to be considered as investment advice. I am simply sharing my analyzes and experiences with you in the hope that this can help you on the path to financial freedom.

And you? Have you used before? Or another similar platform? What are your opinions on the subject? Please feel free to share this with us in the comments!